It’s been a decade since Dexter Morgan disappeared into the Pacific Northwest to make a new life for himself away from Miami and his “dark passenger”. On November 7th, he’s coming back and we now have our best look yet at what to expect.

In the new series, Dexter is now living under the name of Jim Lindsay where he runs a hunting supply shop. He has new relationships, a love interest, and a new life. Now he’s got a new problem, Clancy Brown as the villainous Kurt Caldwell. Joining them on this new adventure are Julia Jones as the town’s chief of police, Alano Miller as a sergeant/high school wrestling coach, Johnny Sequoyah as the chief’s daughter, and Jack Alcott as Randall. We’ll also have appearances by both John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer and Jennifer Carpenter as Dexter’s sister, Deb, but we don’t know if that will be in the form of flashbacks or voices in his head, steering him on his path. The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to find out.