The Walking Dead has gone from a show that you can’t miss, to a show that has become increasingly hard to love for a lot of fans over the years. In fact, the last couple of seasons of Fear The Walking Dead have been much more compelling than the original series. Now, as we move towards the August 22nd premier of the final season of the show, we have just gotten our first trailer. The stakes are high, old rivalries must be dealt with so that people can survive, new villains emerge, and the Commonwealth looms larger in the distance. Oh, and Daryl and Carol have to live because they have spin-off series in production as we speak.

“Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors confronted past demons and combated new threats, with friendships and relationships suffering from the mounting collateral damage that is the apocalypse. Alexandria is severely compromised, left a former shell of the home it once was from the carnage and devastation left behind by the Whisperers. Now all who live in Alexandria struggle to refortify it and feed its increasing number of residents, which include the survivors from the fall of the Kingdom and the burning of Hilltop; along with Maggie and her new group, the Wardens. Alexandria has more people than it can manage to feed and protect. Their situation is dire as tensions heat up over past events and self-preservation rises to the surface within the ravaged walls.”

“They must secure more food while they attempt to restore Alexandria before it collapses like countless other communities they have come across throughout the years. But where and how? More haggard and hungrier than ever before, they must dig deeper to find the effort and strength to safeguard the lives of their children, even if it means losing their own. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those at Alexandria, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being held captive by mysterious soldiers who are members of a larger and unforthcoming group.”