Remember the hilarious iPhone 4 vs. HTC EVO video we posted early in the week? It’s officially gone viral and is now up to 1.8M views. You’d think its creator Brian Maupin of Kansas City, Missouri would be thrilled. Well he is, sort of, that is if he wasn’t about to lose his job at Best Buy.

Since his video became a viral sensation, the Best Buy employee has been suspended and may be fired after Best Buy corporate saw the video and were not amused by it.

Maupin was suspended because he refused to delete his video from YouTube after Best Buy asked him to. According to Maupin, he didn’t have to because the video did not mention Best Buy or anyone in specific.

“I can understand them wanting to, not wanting people to get the impression that Best Buy is like this and this is how it is when you come to our store but you also kind of have to have that, you have to be able to laugh at yourself and say I realize this is an extreme exaggeration. This isn’t what is happening at this store,” Maupin said.

Personally, I think this is awesome. Now he doesn’t have to work at the soul sucking s*ithole that is Best Buy, and he can sue them for a wrongful termination settlement. Win-win if you ask me. And way to let the entire world know how big of a dick cheese you are Best Buy. I haven’t shopped there in awhile and now I NEVER will.

Source: NBC