In what might be one of the weirdest food preparations that we’ve seen in a long time, someone thought that it would be a good idea to dump a fully McDonald’s Big Mac Value Meal + Chicken McNuggets into a rice cooker to see what would happen.

The final product, which has been named McMiracle Rice, includes French Fries,
Big Mac, McNuggets, Coke Zero, White Rice and Ketchup.

CLICK HERE For full cooking instructions… if you feel like you really need to eat something that will probably completely destroy your insides.

We think that this quote from the recipe pretty much sums things up:

“We know that some of you out there are thinking that this is just a waste of a perfectly good McDonald’s meal. But think about this: how many people do you think accused Sir Alexander Flemming of wasting perfectly good mold when he invented penicillin?”

Now, check out the full gallery and instructional video below!

Source: Rocketnews