What!?!? A machine that pulls the water straight from the air and tuns it into delicious and safe drinking water? That’s Madness! NO! That is Today’s prize! The Ecoloblue Environmental Water Generator is one of those items that we’ve wanted to test out for the guide for years. Imagine, a machine that just sucks the water out of the air and turns it into safe, drinkable water. That means no more bottled water, lower water bills… you name it. It is not just the ultimate survival tool, but it is also one of the ultimate household gadgets!

With YBMW’s Southern Command stationed in Florida, we wet ourselves with excitement at our first taste of chlorine free water! Now, here’s the great thing. One lucky winner will be taking home an Ecoloblue Model 30. At $1400, this is the biggest prize that we’ve ever given out and we are extremely grateful to the fine folks over at Ecoloblue for making this happen. As this is a monster prize, you will have a week to win. You can enter once daily per person.

Enter now to win an Ecoloblue 30 Environmental Water Generator!

For more information and to read our review, head on over to our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

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Today’s (12/29/11) Featured Giveaway!
*This contest will end at 11:59 PM PST (1/6/12)

Today’s Question: Which would you rather have in your doomsday shelter, a water generator or a satellite internet connection ?

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