I think Australia is shaping up to be the world’s version of Florida. Case in point, a man in Queensland was walking the beach when he found what he thought might be the breast implant of a murder victim, washed up on shore. He bagged it and took it to the police, hoping that his skill of finding evidence to a crime would be of some good.

The cops, as thankful as they were for the man’s vigilance, were surprised when they heard his claim and then looked inside the bag. it turned out that the man had actually just found a dead jelly fish on the beach and mistaken it for the popular surgical implant.

“Investigations revealed what police suspected… the item was indeed a jellyfish.”

Colin Sparkes, from Surf Life Saving Queensland, said the discovery was most likely a blubber jellyfish.

He said the species was commonly found in Queensland waters and its sting was irritating, but not dangerous.

“[The] tentacles have been knocked off by wave action or eaten by fish,” he said of the one handed to police.

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