The Worldbuilders 2016 Fundraiser is underway and they’ve already raised over $400,000 dollars to help send girls in 3rd world countries to school, buy a goat or cow for a family, create support groups for people in need and much more. Along with tons of great prizes, they’ve set a special goal in which fans can donate towards a specific story that they’d like Neil Gaiman to read on YouTube. The current donation totals on each story break down as follows:

– The Raven: $113k
– Where the Wild Things Are: $116k
– Oh the Places You’ll Go: $77k
– The Walrus and The Carpenter: $66k
– The Second Coming: $38k

As exciting as this particular part of the fundraiser is, I can’t help but find myself being drawn to a very special stretch goal: at the $200,000 mark (which they have already doubled), Heifer International will host a Live Animal Cosplay event.

Heifer International works with animals a lot, from breeding to care and feeding. But they don’t often dress them up in awesome costumes. When we reach this goal, be prepared for some fantastic…or should we say, fabulous beasts!

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