Canadians have their poutine all up in a huff over a suspected sighting of a unicorn. The Ontario Science Center in Toronto has the footage and has brought in an expert to examine it and see if what’s on film really is the mythical creature or just a hoax… or at least that is what they told the public before announcing it was all just a prank to get publicity for their upcoming Mythical Creature exhibit…

Now that the truth has come out the museum is telling the story of the flood of sightings that came in since they first posted the video. They admitted that most came from women who really wanted to believe they were real.

When asked about the hoax and how it was found out, they said:
“Some keen-eyed spectators have reported knowing the video was fake by the way the unicorn’s tail moves and the fact it is not pure white.”

Really? They figured it out because it was not pure white? Perhaps the fact that it moved like it was on a tack, its legs didn’t move and the horn wasn’t actually attached to the body might have been better clues than… it wasn’t pure white.

Besides, everyone knows that for them to survive this long they’d have had to breed with horses, thus creating all manner of different color unicorns…. Jeesh!