Well, at least he went with a smile on his face…

In Wuhan city, 23 year old Chinese Medical Student, Zheng Gang died of a heart attack while attempting to make his fourth donation to a sperm bank in less than a week. According to reports, the heart attack occurred while Gang was looking at a “sexy magazine.” Nurses noticed that it was taking him longer than usual to come out of his booth, and that is when they discovered his body.

In response to the tragic events, the medical school where both Zheng Gang, and his wife, Wu Gang attended, reduced the widow’s tuition bill by $2,000 and offered her help in finding a job.

Shortly after the incident, Gang’s parents sued the sperm bank for one million dollars, claiming that they were responsible for his death. The court, however said that Zheng was a medical student and capable of making his own decisions.

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