It sounds like Grandma has finally gotten her revenge! Well, at least a bunch of Norwegian trains got it on their behalf. In case you thought reindeer were only found at the North Pole, you’ll be happy to know that they are also considered a cherished animal by the people of Norway, who happily share their countryside with the furry horned critters and many people even farm them for their pelts and meat.

Over the weekend, a group of herders had been trying to move their reindeer to the coast for the winter and had sent out a warning to the Norwegian train authority that they should be cautious for reindeer that could be crossing the tracks.

Well, apparently some of the engineers either didn’t get the memo, or they grew up playing Carmageddon. In the end, one train hit over a hundred of Santa’s favorite sled pullers, dragging some several hundred yards before the train stopped.

On the upside, if you don’t have enough money for Christmas Presents this year, you’ve got a great excuse to show your kids when they ask why Santa didn’t come.

We aren’t going to show you pics of a bunch of dead Reindeer. If that’s something that really makes you happy, check out the original article, over at the daily mail.