“True Skin” by – N10N just hit Youtube’s CGbros channel a bit ago, and it paints a very dark portrait of where humanity is heading based on our current obsession with finding new ways to enhance ourselves and gain immortality.

This isn’t the kind of movie that picks you up and makes your day better, but it does have a great blend of live-action and CGI that definitely make the film worth watching.

Official Description:
Check out this great futuristic short set in Bangkok where human cyber modification is the norm, Kaye finds himself on the run for stealing a particular augmentation in this visually stunning science fiction thriller!

Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu
Director of Photography: H1
Original Music: J-Punch – itunes.apple.com/us/album/true-skin-soun­dtrack-ep/id591191251
Producer: Christopher Sewall
Manager: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment