Put It On, an art exhibition at the Nature Morte gallery in Delhi is recruiting Superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel to help spread the message of safe sex and to promote awareness of AIDS and sex education.

The work created by Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra had this to say:

Superman is every girl’s man. He wears latex and saves the world. He is a larger than life character and we have used him as a metaphor to promote safe sex.

We live in the age of Internet where we can see porn films but can not talk about sex to elders. We thought its time to analyze our behavior towards sex through art,” says Sumir Tagra, calling their effort a behavioral change exercise.

Looks like Superman does it all from promoting yummy Hostess cakes, war bonds, anti-drugs to now, safe sex.

Source: BleedingCoolNews