An image on Google Street View of a girl’s body lying face down on the pavement sparked panic among local residents that crime had gone undetected and sparked a flurry of search queries online.

When the image was first spotted families in Middle Road, St John’s, Worcester, were horrified that something terrible had happened to a young girl on their doorstep.

But apparently they didn’t have to worry much — because it was soon revealed to just be a young girl playing a prank on a friend, not even realizing the Google Street view van had passed by.

Nine-year-old Azura – who says she didn’t know the Google van was passing – had fallen over and was ‘playing dead’ as a prank on her friend and apparently the entire Internet.

Her “lifeful” body is still lying in Middle Road in St. John’s for all to see.

It’s still kind of disturbing how the Google Street Van team didn’t pull over to alert authorizes.