In a recent ad campaign by Disneyland Paris, some numbnut came up with the brilliant idea to unglove Mickey Mouse in order to reveal his freakishly deformed four-fingered human hand.

“Hey kids, who wants to hold hands with Mickey?”

According to the press note from ad agency BETC Euro RSCG in Paris:

“…this classic ‘thumbs up’ sign emulates the effect that Disneyland Paris has on children worldwide. However, on closer inspection, the hand in this visual only has three fingers – just like Mickey Mouse. By offering a potentially human element to Mickey Mouse this campaign radically challenges children’s perception of Disneyland and is a further incite (sic) to visit.”

Yes, thank for you bastardizing my childhood memories ad agency. And believe me, the only thing being incited is the sound of kids wetting their pants while running and screaming away from Mickey and his creepy deformed four-fingered human hand.

Also, isn’t Mickey suppose to be black?

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