So, what is the most you’ve ever done in a day? Well, it ain’t crap because Ethiopia, the country that used to only be known as the place where Americans would go to film commercials about starving Africans, just completed a feat that was otherwise unheard of before now. They planted 350 million trees in just one day!

Amazingly, the world-record-setting feat is just part of a plan to plant four billion trees in the country. Reportedly, the 350 mil takes them up over the three million mark. The country put everything they had towards making the event happen. Several businesses and government offices even shut down for the day so that the citizens of the country could come out and help. Now they just have to keep goats and other livestock from eating all the saplings before they have a chance to mature.

Over the last 100 years, Ethiopia has gone from being 35% covered with forest to just 5% covered with forest. Meanwhile, over 80% of the country relies on agriculture for a living. It is hoped that moves like this will not only help the local economy and environment but will also serve to inspire other governments around the world.

Our advice is that you don’t wait for your government. We just saw a massive internet trend where people went and cleaned up littered areas and beaches just so that they could show everyone on Instagram how much they care about the environment. We don’t care why you do it, or who you are trying to impress, the result is still the result and there are now hundreds of areas now cleaned up around the world because of it. Look at what Ethiopia has accomplished and come up with something on your own. Make a difference.