Medical Marijuana has just entered the robot age in Santa Ana California. That is where the first medical dispensary has signed up to use the Autospence – an automated vending machine for medical marijuana. Many people are decrying this as just an easier way to get pot, but it actually is one of the most secure distribution methods ever created to date. Along with having to give your dispensary card and fingerprint, the machine also keeps a strict record of everything that goes in and out of the machine so that all state compliance measures are met.

Here is how the company that makes them describes their new machines:
Autospense is a uniquely designed, high-tech automated dispensing system that exceeds industry standards. The software used is specifically designed to properly control transactions and manage inventory. This will significantly improve profitability, accountability, security and customer satisfaction.

After providing the proper documentation, the patient will be issued a pre-approved registration/membership card and have the opportunity to register in an optional finger print scanner system, which enables around-the-clock access to the Autospense machine. The member is granted access and walks into a well secured and camera monitored showroom.

If they were smart, there’d be a second machine next to it with funyons, bugles and Chex Mix.

Source: Laughing squid