Three girls led a gang of teenagers who threatened an Auckland store owner with a gun and hammers – before making off with bags of ice creams.

The teenage girls burst into the Ranui Food Bar and Takeaway in West Auckland, New Zealand as it was closing shortly before 9pm.

A girl wearing a cap and hoodie pulled over her face pointed a gun at owner Yunan Zheng, who was vacuuming the front of the shop.

“The girl with the gun said, ‘Hurry up, give us some money’,” Zheng said.

Two others brandished hammers as they rushed into the shop and filled backpacks with ice cream bars from a freezer. One tried to take cash from the till but was unable to open the drawer.

Hoa Zheng said she had only just restocked the freezers, and believed more than 60 ice creams were taken.

Source: nzherald