The film adaptation of the rewritten Twilight fanfic, Fifty Shades of Grey, has now been unleashed upon our society like a kid with measles at Disneyland. Reports are that, while the movie is awful, it is breaking box office records in France, and has earned over 8 million dollars in it’s first night of release in the US.

While, we can’t bring ourselves to celebrate this film, we can sure as hell poke fun at it whenever we see the opportunity. Enter Bryan Regan, the photographer behind Fifty Shades of Food. Perhaps as a way to show off the absurdity of the film, Regan has taken food and combined it with a variety of sex toys. The results are… well, we can definitely say they are NSFL (Not Safe For Lunch… literally… that apple is in trouble). We picked some of our favorites for you to check out below, but we left out the ones with the super realistic dildoes. Let’s face it, no matter how entertaining it might be, this isn’t the venue for a pineapple with a strap-on.

To see the complete photo set, check out Bryan Regan’s site HERE

Source: Foodiggity