CBS 12 in Cincinnati is famous for Bob Herzog, their local weather/ traffic guy. Every Friday, he takes what should be a normal news broadcast and he turns it into a full on dance party. It is a combination of strange, weird, and hilarious.

Yesterday he released the first half of his Annual Dance Party wrap-up and it instantly started to go viral. Now, we’ve got the first and second part to share with you along with a special treat in the way of his complete performance of “Traffic Man.”

“And I think its going to be a long long line of cars that try to get to work on time. I’m just a man to get you there from home. I’m the Traffic man, whether you carpool or drive alone.”

Here are part one and part 2 of the 2012 Dace Party:

Here’s the complete version of the Elton John Rocket Man parody, Traffic Man:

Here’s Bob getting down Gangnam style: