I’ll be honest here. I’m not sure if what we’re looking at is a serious product, a viral marketing campaign for an upcoming film, or just a couple people getting their lulz on the internet. I’m inclined to think that it’s one of the two latter idea (especially given the interview video, which seems to be filled with actors), but who the hell knows nowadays.

It’s called Parturient, and it started working its way around social media today as a new technology that purports to eliminate the need for a mother to carry a fetus inside her body. Instead, it gestates in a pod in the house while the parents talk to it through blue tooth speakers and feed it smoothies in a tube.

Ya, there’s no way it’s real, and if it was, I’m pretty sure it would violate all kinds of laws, but the science is getting closer. Hell, it was only a couple months ago that scientists grew a baby lamb in a zip lock bag (see video below).