We’ve been doing so well lately. Most of our news stories weren’t from Florida, but here we go again. This time, we are heading to Panama City FL, where a Walmart manager thought the most heartfelt way to remember the 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks would be to build the Twin Towers out of Coke Zero. I wonder if that’s a Ground Zero reference?

It wasn’t long before someone noticed the display and shared it on Twitter, where it immediately went viral. Tweets from people viewing the image ranged from: “Harambe would’ve loved this.” all the way up to “We will never forget……THESE GREAT ROLLBACK PRICES YALL!”

For their part, Walmart says they’ve removed the display. They also place the blame squarely on the Coca-Cola Company, who they say generally come up with several display options from which Walmart can pick and choose. For some reason, this was approved.

Source: BF