When the world watched as millions of chickens were killed over fears of the Avian Flu, Emilie van Spronsen saw an opportunity to spread her message of not wasting the carcasses left behind and showing that there’s more to chicken than just a bucket of fried wings.

As always, art is subjective. While I’m sure there’s a deeper statement here, I am clearly too narrow-minded to “get it”. That said, perhaps you are wiser than I. If that’s the case, here’s some interesting… chicken furniture?

Some of the highlights include:

The H5N8 Stool

The seat of H5N8 Stool is made of coloured chicken feathers embedded in bio-epoxy. It seems to reveal the inside of a pillowcase, as the chicken feathers float in transparent epoxy. Although the shape looks light and soft, it feels rigid.

The H4N8 Urn

For centuries, bone ash has been used as fertilizer and to produce bone china. Those two purposes inspired the design of H5N8 Urn. The ceramic urn can be 3D printed from a mixture of chicken bone ash and clay. The pattern on the iconic shaped urn was inspired by the bird flu virus: This is what the H5N8 virus cell looks like as seen through a microscope.

The urn contains also chicken bone ash, which can be added to soil as a fertilizer to boost harvests. In this way, the chickens did not die for nothing.

Source: Inhabitat