I once heard a book review where the critic said the story was so bad that he wouldn’t even wipe his ass with the pages. Well… Japan has just released the first Horror story that is meant for just such a thing.

A Japanese company has partnered up with Koji Suzuki, the author of such famous horror tales as ” The Ring”, for a whole new experience. The world’s first horror story to ever be printed on Toilet paper.

When you buy a roll of horror, you get several copies of the nine-chapter story in cushion 2-ply goodness. Ironically the story is named “Drop” and only takes up about three feet of paper.

The manufacturer, who is selling the product for around $2.00 a roll as “a horror experience in the toilet”, says that the story can be read in just a few minutes.

The pairing of the two topics are perfect. Not only is the toilet the only place you don’t have to worry about having the crap scared out of you, but in Japan, toilets are often tucked away due to religious beliefs. In fact, Japanese parents would often tease their kids that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.