Watch what happens when one man falls through the ice and twelve more fall through while trying to save him.

This is completely ridiculous and everything that should not be done in this type of situation. It is actually pretty amazing that none of these people died.

Official Video Description:

quick every one dive in ice water Q: How many people does it take to rescue one guy who falls into a frozen lake?
A: It depends on weather or not you count the first 12 who try to save him and end up stranded in the same lake.

A sledding excursion turned into one trainwreck of a rescue operation after a man fell into a frozen lake in Wrightwood, Calif.

The incident was caught on tape as one person after another tried to save the man only to slip on the ice themselves.
A crowd gathered on shore, frantically screaming for help.
After five minutes, nearly a dozen people were in the water while others throw ropes and inner tubes to no avail.

Nine minutes later, the man who first fell in along with all of his would-be rescuers managed to make it out of the water.
All of them are doing just fine.