Advait Nemlekar is one freakishly talented Indian. While most YouTubers are turning to ukuleles nowadays, Advait is keeping things classical with his guitar and piano… and with them he has created one of the coolest He-Man covers that we have ever seen in our lives. Like most of us, he grew up on the show and claims to have owned every He-Man action figure that was ever released by Mattel.

The song that he just put together is actually a mash up of The He-man Masters of the Universe Opening track for the 1981-1983 and “I Have the Power” from the He-man & She-ra special.

This isn’t Advait’s first encounter of the geek kind when it comes to music. Below the He-Man theme is a great cover that he did of the theme song from “Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword” and one of the theme to the biggest game in the world right now, Skyrim