The sky is falling. The Global economy is in the trash and the poor drowned polar bears are coming back as water breathing zombies to eat our brains. Now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, 2012 is coming! Its the end of the Mayan Calendar. What does it all mean? Could it be some great cosmic convergence that will be the end of us all? Perhaps they just got bored after carving over 2,000 years of dates into a stone tablet and just never got back to updating it.

One thing is for sure… we’re screwed… and not in a good way. I’m talking about Ben Affleck dragging us to the back seat of a Volkswagen kinda way… ya…

In times like these it seems like the only smart thing to do is start thinking of your personal value to the world and then sell yourself for all you can get. After all, if you listen to the talking heads on the news, we’ll all be out of work in a matter of days anyway. So sell out, literally!

the only question is… how much am I worth? Well we found this great site called that helps you figure out that question. Below you’ll see how much I’m worth. Click the graphic and see where you land on the money meter. – Online Quizzes

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