There’s a big difference between what Americans and Japanese consider frozen dinners. In Japan, there’s a new year’s tradition in which the family prepares these intricate food boxes (Osechi) for the family in late December. Then, on New Year’s Day, they all relax and much on the food throughout the day.

As the Japanese grow busier, or just less interested in cooking their own food, companies have stepped up to offer frozen, pre-packed osechi, giving the families a chance to relax even more. That relaxation comes at a price, 16,200 Yen – about $120.00 USD. Still, when you see the boxes that Kibun is offering for fans of Disney’s Frozen as well as Mickey and Friends, you might think that it’s worth it. I know this is the first time that I’ve gotten hungry looking at a TV dinner.

The two-tierd boxes come with a delectable assortment of goodies including: kamoboko fish cake, datemaki omelets, kurikinton chestnut sweet potatoes, and teriyaki yellowtail. They have even created special Anna and Elsa cookies.

The second Disney osechi box focuses on Mickey, Minnie, and Winnie the Pooh and features items like: tsukune chicken meat balls and kakumi stewed pork.

Check out the gallery below and prepare to get very hungry.

Source: Rocketnews