When I think about the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices, I’m pretty sure that female perspiration isn’t on the list, but as many in Japan are finding out, that could have been a big mistake! One Japanese Fried Chicken chain, Tenka Torimasu, has just released their latest topping for their popular chicken dish, girl’s sweat. Specifically, the sauce is meant to taste like the “refreshing sweat of young women working hard to become pop singers.” If you want to drill down even further, it seems as though the whole thing is baseda round one particular girl group, Kamen Joshi, who is known for wearing hockey masks while on stage.

So, what does the refreshing sweat of an up and coming J-Pop girl taste like? Apparently, salt, lemon juice and cheese. If you happen to be in Tokyo, you can grab a sweaty snack until October 31st for only 400 yen (S$4.90). After looking at the picture, I’d have to pass on this for myself. I prefer my chicken to be a little less, foamy…

Source: Straitstimes

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