There have been plenty of interesting replacements for beef. other animals like ostrich and buffalo have become popular. There’s also tofu, saitan, Quorn and any number of vegetarian meat substitutes. Leave it to the Japanese to try and solve the problem of world hunger with a two girls, one cup mentality.

Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has created a burger meat that is primarily derived from protein derived from the bacteria in human feces.

I’m not making this up… but he whips the protein into a meat texture in a machine called an “exploder”. Perhaps he’s getting his source material from the restrooms at taco bell.

He then adds some soy for texture and a bit of soy sauce and steak sauce to enhance the meaty flavor.

He acknowledges that some people might not be comfortable eating “turd burgers”, but he says that other people will be very interested in completing their own food chain. Sounds like there might finally be a Hamburger stand that can finally use the Human Centipede as a mascot.

Source: Nerdcore