Hot on the heels of last week’s “Rolling in the Higgs“, another Youtuber by the name of COma Niddy has popped up to enlighten the masses about another hard to understand aspect of science: String Theory.

This is a pretty heavy topic for a rap, but I really love that people are making science more accessible to people through these great little vids.


[verse 1]
The study of physics is pretty amazing
Explains the universe with mathematical equations
Luckily you don’t need a PhD
To understand what string theory means
Everything is made of atoms
Atoms are made of a bunch of things
Like Protons, neutrons, Electrons, and quarks
And those may be made of tiny strings
Depending on the how the strings vibrate
Will determine how the particles behave
Just like how you pluck the strings of the Bass
It affects the of note it plays
Created by Rock Stars, our universe is a like a song
And all the physicists just want to learn to play along
It’s String Theory!

By studying the world around us
We can learn our history
What happened before time?
Before Big Bang Theory?
The answers to the universe remain a mystery
But, vibrating strings may unravel reality

[Verse 2]
Not that good in math, so we’ll keep it simple
String theory is the ultimate sequel
Physics has helped society
Gravitational force led to the rise machines
Electromagnetics led to lights and lasers
TV’s computers and HD light Sabers
Nuclear force…nuclear energy
That’s a lot of clean power when used cautiously
So, String Theory is the next in line
Understand the strings, we master space and time
Travel the universe just like Star Trek
What was once sci-fi won’t be far fetched
String Theory is a theory that hasn’t been proven yet
Although that’s true, it shouldn’t stop you
From seeing how far it will get
It’s String Theory!

Source: Neatorama