Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, star of her own TLC series and general snake oil salesperson is finally under scrutiny for the scam she’s be using to bilk vulnerable people out of their money.

If you aren’t familiar with Caputo, she’s a big haired, loud personality who claims that she can talk to the dead. She uses age old techniques of asking broad questions and reading the body language of her audience to appear to know things through the process of elimination.

As she’s grown in popularity, she’s now had a number of former clients come forward to accuse her of fraud. She is also being accused of having her own staff investigate clients, to give her inside information before a session with them.

The best way for the Long Island Medium to clear her name is to take up James Randi on his million dollar challenge. All she has to do is provide proof of her supernatural abilities under scientific conditions. In return, she will not only be vindicated, but she’ll also get $1,000,000!

If you want to learn how Caputo, and thousands of other people have been scamming millions of people for years, check out this great documentary from Randi.

Source: Christianpost