In the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, water is a valuable and limited resource. What better way to bring attention to the problem than by filling 2,500 glowing raindrop-shaped condoms with the stuff? The installation was the work of Madrid-based arts collective Luzinterruptus

The group has a reputation for arts activism and has been known to use recycled or generally unconventional mediums to create their installations. Their work isn’t limited to the environment as they’ve also been known to create art installations shining a light on other social issues like the international health care crisis.

Interestingly, this isn’t even the first time that they did the whole condom thing. In previous years, they’ve set up similar installations in both London and Madrid. I don’t want to poke holes in their style or anything, but come on guys… I get that recycling is important, but not when it comes to ideas. It’s time to come up with something new.

In case you were wondering, it took 20 volunteers over 2 weeks to fill all the condoms with dyed blue water. The installation was up for 2 nights. I’m sure that, after that, all of the condoms were gathered up and recycled so they wouldn’t end up in the the belly of a bird or a fish when the trash finds its way to the ocean.

Source: Inhabitat