The popularity of Disney’s Frozen seems to keep growing and that means that the parodies are really starting to roll. This new one from Debs and Erroll picks what might be one of the worst Star Trek movies ever made as their inspiration.

The starship flies over Earth tonight
full of new technology
There’s talk of assimilation by a different kind of Queen
And now I’m here on board and we’ve been occupied
They adapt too fast, staying’s suicide

But there’s a chance, the crew agrees
Fix the timeline, help him hit warp speed
The answer’s clear, we have to go
But you say “no!”

Make it so, make it so
Say the words that you’re famous for
Make it so, make it so
You’re not here to start a war
I don’t care
if your crew obeys
We both know you’re wrong, and I will stand up to you any day

It’s funny you’re resistant
When you claim you’re logical
Well, Jean-Luc, you could have fooled me
I’m not seeing that at all

No one knows them as well as you
I don’t know what they put you through
You say it’s for humanity
I disagree

Make it so, make it so
Say the words, lose the Enterprise
Make it so, make it so
There’s no place for compromise
It’s your command
It’s the only way
Or the Borg rage on

I saw your face when you shot on the Holodeck
I did not mean to interrupt you on your little quest
Just one thing comes to mind, I understand at last
They hurt you once, Ahab
You’re going to hurt them back

Make it so, make it so
Realize your revenge is wrong
Make it so, make it so
Or the world you know is gone
It’s your command, but now you say,
“The line must be drawn”
You’ll just get another ship anyway