Earlier this month, Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton found himself on the wrong side of the law when he reacted less than ideal to being refused service at a Mcdonalds in Oregon. As it turns out, the restaurant was either unable or unwilling to fill his request for thirty double cheeseburgers. In response, Jedediah decided that the best course of action would be to lose his cool and start destroying the banners that hung in the restaurant, the golden arches themselves and then to grab an employee by the shirt. That’s around the time that one of the other McDonald’s patrons decided that he was no longer lovin it and pulled a gun. When the cops arrived, he was charged with suspicion of second-degree disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal mischief and harassment. Thankfully, the other diners were then able to resume their happy meals.

SOurce: Oregon