Malcolm MacDonald awaits a surgery to transfer the constructed penis from his arm to its rightful place. (Photo credit MEGA AGENCY)

Fresh from the ‘Damn Science, you crazy!’ file, several news outlets are reporting about a man who recently lost his penis to an infection. Before you start guessing, no, it wasn’t an STD. It was a severe blood infection that progressed into sepsis. During his illness, his fingers, toes, and penis all turned black. In 2014, his penis fell off. Now, through the wonders of science, he’s got a brand new penis, the doctors just have to move it to the right spot on its body from its current home, his arm.

If there’s any bright side to this story, it’s that the British man’s surgeons, while constructing his new member, managed to make the new penis two full inches longer than the original.

The procedure to make the new penis was performed by Professor David Ralph at London’s University College Hospital has expertise in penile reconstruction. It was built out of a skin graft on the left arm. As it grew, they released it from under the skin so that the penis could hang down and develop normally. As to how it will function in a sexual capacity, the man will now have a bit of mechanical assistance with the help of a tube and pump.

There has been no word from Pornhub about them offering money to use it on film, but we would not be surprised to see something about it in the next few days.