There are calendars for just about everything nowadays, so why not cute dead zombie girls? Between Image’s The Walking Dead, Marvel’s Marvel Zombies, and countless Zombie flicks they seem to have reemerged, no pun intended, into the mainstream popular culture.

And hey, it is that time of the month again, no, not that… I mean Halloween.

Based on a San Francisco grassroot guerilla artist collaboration, My Zombie Pin-up is Gil Elvgrin meets Night of the Living Dead. This 12 X 12 high quality full gloss 13 month calendar is a satirical spin-off of vintage 1950’s pin-up calendar girls.

“We dug up the idea of the vintage 1950’s pin-up and hit it over the head with a shovel. Let yourself get infected by these bloody gore-gous women who are just dying to get under your skin.”

At $19.99, it is a complete steal especially since only 1,000 were produced. So don’t zombie crawl your way to their site at, because by then they’d all be gone.

Wanna party and meet some of the Zombie Pin-up Girls?! Hit the link for information about their Killer Dance Party.