When the 100,000 attendees visited this year’s Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer, they didn’t realize that they’d be given the unique opportunity to recycle their urine into beer.

The experiment, titled: From Piss to Pilsner is hoping to ignite a new movement called Beercycling. As part of the experiment, 25,000 liters of pee will be used to fertilize barley, which will then be used to brew this Bear Grylls approved beverage.

Believe it or not, this isn’t just a group of hipsters with too much DMT in their systems. This project is actually part of a partnership with Danish Agriculture and Food Council. The hope is that they can not only save thousands of gallons of piss from taxing the sewage system, but to then also lower the ecological impact of growing the ingredients for beer.

By now, your mouth must be watering, but you’ll have to keep your thirst in check. The first batch of Pissner won’t be available to drink until 2017.

Source: Inhabitat