When I was a kid, eggs would come home from the store in a cardboard container. Eventually, they started making Styrofoam egg cartons that were destined to spend centuries in landfills. Now, it looks like we might be able to do the cardboard egg carton one better.

Enter Biopack, the latest in a new line of food packaging that is not only eco-friendly, but is also filled with seeds, so you can bury it after using it and grow your own plants out of the packaging.

The Biopack was created by Greek designer, George Bosnas and it’s made out of cleared paper pulp, flour, starch, and legume seeds. The prototype packaging only holds 4 eggs, much too few for American families who tend to buy 12-18 at a time, but it serves as excellent proof of concept for how we can take something that could just be trash and turn it into new life and possibly even food (legumes are beans after all…). As a bonus, growing legumes can actually help revitalize tired soil, making it easier to grow other things in the future.

Source: Inhabitat