Here’s a tip, don’t watch this video with a hot beverage in your hands. You will be jumping during the course of this verbal altercation between felines.

OK, now that I’ve gotten the disclaimer out of the way… HOLY CRAP! At first I was just going to post this video because it was two creepy, possessed sounding cats talking to each other. Sure, they are clearly upset, but it seemed to me like a feline version of the Sharks vs Jets song in West Side Story.

I WAS WRONG! I’m not warning you about the ending because I want to spoil it, just because it made me jump and if you are watching this in your cube at work, you are gonna get sooo busted!

Just to answer the obvious follow up, no. We have no idea if the cats got hurt. We assume that they are fine because cats seem to be made out of a combination of fur, silly putty, claws and rage.

Source: Biotv