Screw those overplayed Lexus commercials I see every time I turn on the TV, a street-legal Tron Light Cycle is what I want for Christmas and boy, have I been good this year too! With Disney’s mega epic “Tron: Legacy” a few short weeks from premiering, a bike shop in Florida has custum made 10 street-legal Tron Light Cycle clones based off Daniel Simon’s newest Light Cycle design.

Created by Parker Brother Choppers, these custom Light Cycles will retail for $55,000. The bikes come fully equipped and feature a steel frame, fiberglass bodywork and use a V-twin Suzuki TLR1000 engine.

While these bikes may look ridiculously awesome they’re not exactly replicas, which means they’re not 100% exact like the ones you’ll see in the movie.

“We basically used the images we could get off the web in order to make the bike,” said Halverson. “Keep in mind, no one ever made this bike before.”

Check out the video of the bike in action below and start praying for a Christmas miracle. Once Parker Brother Choppers sell out of the 10 they have, they’d be gone for good:

Source: jalopnik