I bet you any amount of money Rihanna did not think she would be getting blamed for stealing when she walked into Hamish and Andy radio show in Australia. Rihanna walked in ready to promote her new movie, ‘Battleship,’ and got put in the corner. Her huge hit Man Down, which has over 150 million views on YouTube has a familiar sound to that of one of the host. The last time Rihanna was visiting the show Hamish and
Andy joked:

“By the way, if we hear ‘rum popa pum, rum popa pum’ on one of your songs we’re gonna know where you got it from.”

Rihanna answered, “I won’t do that to you.”

Turns out that little tune stuck in her head when she made the song Man Down. H&A replayed the clip and Rihannas eyes widen and the first thing out her mouth was “I did it, I broke my promise.” They all broke out laughing. But I’m sure Rihannas people were freaking out making calls. It’s all fun and games till a megastar hums your tune.