YBMW’s southern HQ is located in FL, so we know just how weird the state can get. Hell, we call our version of bigfoot, The Skunk Ape. Anyways, Saint Augustine is a quaint little tourist town and the home of the nation’s oldest Spanish fort. It is also home to to one of the many franchises of the Italian restaurant chain, Carrabba’s.

Last Wednesday, Esteban Parra, Nancy Miranda, and Eddie Maldonado, Miranda’s boyfriend, were all working the same shift when Eddie walked in on Esteban and Nancy having a chat about sausage. The 28-year-old Maldonado, who works as a prep cook seems to have thought that they were talking about something that might be “sausage like,” but doesn’t get served to their customers with peppers.

Parra told police that Maldonado accused him of having a “sexual conversation with his girlfriend and started yelling at him.” Maldonado, Parra added, had a “jealousy issue with him in the past.”

After the restaurant management tried to intervene and get the two men to talk out their differences, Maldonado then proceeded to run up behind Parra and begin choking him.

In the end, Maldonado was arrested and charged with felony battery (it would have only been a misdemeanor, but it was elevated due to a previous charge of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman). He has since been released, but banned from going near Parra. Now Esteban and Nancy can “talk sausage” as much as they want without fear of violence.

Source: TSG