So, for whatever reason this is on the Internet. And yes, it’s just as horrifying as you’ve imagined it to be. Oh, and that feeling of your skin crawling? That’s spiders. There are spiders currently crawling all over your arms right now! Quickly! Douse yourself with gasoline and set yourself on fire!

Source: boingboing

One thought on “That’s Hot: Watch A Hissing Cockroach Give Birth”

  1. Horrifying to the incredibly sheltered, maybe. Most animals give birth in a messy, painful and gruesome fashion, but baby roaches just expand out of their mother cleanly and neatly. Just because something has an exoskeleton doesn’t make it disgusting and nasty; of the 8,000 known species of cockroach, only a couple are even capable of becoming household pests, and this is not one of them. Roaches are generally sanitary and helpful to the environment.

    What’s so ugly and creepy about having one more pair of legs and some armor plating? People need to grow the hell up about nature.

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