It’s beginning to feel a lot like Dubstep.

It wouldn’t be Christmas if people weren’t jacking up their electric bills with huge light displays on their home and now that we are in the age of Youtube, you don’t just have to do better than your neighbor, you’ve got to be every yahoo in the whole world. That has led to a major explosion in people doing these new types of musically choreographed Christmas light displays. A lot of them are filled will the sounds and spirit of the holidays. This one, is filled with Skrillex.

Official Video Description:
More videos of the show will be uploaded soon!
This year, we decided to mix together 2 famous songs by Skrillex, Bangarang and Cinema.
We have around 35,000 lights, and 80 Light O Rama Channels… And it’s all done by me, a 17 year old, and my dad.
We are located in Meridian, Idaho, so come by and see the show in person if you can!
Please like and share this video all around, we would love to get a shoutout from Skrillex himself again! :)

Here’s their house from last year – More Skrillex.