It’s the holiday season, so I think we need to embrace the wondrous things that surround us. I’m calling this one a Christmas Miracle. OK, maybe miracle is overstating it. I mean, there’s no real magic here, just a level of common sense that the rest of us seem to lack.

Some people might just call it a life hack, but I defy you to watch the joy on anyone’s face as their freezer shoots pizza rolls at them and still tell me there isn’t some sort of magic at work.

So, how is it done? It’s so simple it’s stupid… or maybe it’s so stupid that it’s simple. You decide. Just fill your ice cube dispenser with frozen pizza rolls. Close the Freezer, and push the button. Please make sure you are holding a plate and not a cup of water or soda… That would turn one of the happiest things in the world into a double tragedy.

Source: Geekologie