Check out this amazing little ditty from a girl with a novel idea. She wants to have Stephen Fry’s Baby. It is a task that won’t get taken care of on its own as Mr Fry doesn’t tend to take interest in the things that one would need to create a child.

As ridiculous a concept the song might be, Molly has put together a very cogent argument and a very thoughtful and catchy tune. Even if Stephen Fry turns her down, there’ll be plenty of wannabes standing in line for their opportunity.

“Stephen Fry/ I see no reason Why/ You wouldn’t want someday mabye/ to let me have your baby/ You wold be amazed what science does these days/ so think it over/ and send along your seed.”

You can buy the song HERE

Here’s a little example of What makes Stephen Fry set Molly’s ovaries to ovulate: