Artist Tim Maclean just launched his first solo show as an artist at San Diego’s Subtext gallery. The show , which is called “Fragments & Phantoms”, runs through 8/31. In it, he takes famous super heroes and movie characters and uses them to represent mythical gods.

Artist Tim Maclean’s first solo show, “Fragments & Phantoms”, opened 7/14 at San Diego’s Subtext Gallery during this year’s Comic Con. The paintings are of super heroes & movie characters representing mythical gods.

Some of the mash-ups include:
Spiderman X Hermes
Wonderwoman X Athena
Ferris Bueler X The Trickster
Batman X Hades
Willie Wonka X The Trickster.
The Hulk X Hercules
Tyler Durden X The Trickster
Doctor Who X The Trickster
And of course… Loki X The Trickster


Source: Clutter