There are a lot of bad ideas, and then there are some really idiotic bad ideas. Case in point, two Dell marketing employees decided it was a brilliant idea to take an office hostage in order to promote the release of a new product…. wait for it.

But because they were the only two who knew about the plan — which involved one of them dressing up as a biker in a black mask, carrying two metallic object and screaming at people to “Go to the lobby” — people for obvious reasons got upset. In fact, some even called the policed who responded to what certainly could appear to be a hostage situation.

Luckily none of the 400 employees were hurt in the confusion, but the two marketing genius were arrested, and now face misdemeanor charges.

I’m sure by now many are wondering what great product warranted such attention. Well, according to a source inside Dell, it was for the new Dell Streak tablet which can interface with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

Source: techdirt