Available now for $24.95 on self-publishing website Lulu, “Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes.”

Yes, that’s right, a gourmet cookbook for man spunk. Paul “fotie” Pfotenhauer, author of Natural Harvest, recognizes the importance of eating organic and low-carb. According to the cookbook, semen has tremendous nutritious value which makes it an amazing ingredient to cook with. In fact, he even goes on to compare it to fine wine and cheese as “the taste of semen is complex and dynamic.” If anything, he believes its similar to egg whites in terms of cooking property.

The 61 page recipe book is just like any other recipe book. As a bonus it also discusses “volume, texture and flavor” and how to properly “harvest, collect and store.” Oh gawd, I just threw up in my mouth a little trying to finish that sentence…

To learn more and possibly even purchase this book to share with your loved ones click here.

Ah crap, I just threw up all over my keyboard. Someone please help me, I can’t stop vomiting!