In the field of Global Climate Change, carbon dioxide is one of the big bad demons. Thankfully, there are companies like Climeworks who have figured out how to suck it right out of the air, and make a profit along the way!

The filters that run in the Climeworks carbon dioxide vacuums have advanced to the point where they can now suck 900,000 tons of the gas from the air each year. They then are able to turn around and sell it to everyone from soda manufacturers (who use to make their beverages bubbly) to green fuel companies, who use CO2 as an integral part of many alternative energy sources. In this first plant, the CO2 will be fed into a greenhouse next door, hopefully increasing crop yields but up to 30%.

By 2025, Climeworks hopes to be capturing 1% of the global carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per year.

SOurce: Inhabitat